December 31, 2012

My December Photo Diary

I know everyone has been waiting for my Morocco posts but I've just been really caught up with everything else that has been happening. I promise I'll post them in the new year!! Promise!
But right now, with December ending tomorrow, I decided to just do my December photo diary.

+ Team Canada and Ireland's goodbye dinner
Over this semester, we (Team Canada) met a group of the sweetest girls from Ireland (Team Ireland). We had a little get-together before we all left Paris respectively. It was a sad goodbye, but hopefully we'll be able to meet up sometime in the future :)
Team Ireland and Team Canada!
+ Last day of school at ISC Paris, the Nibbles Party, and random pics of our apartment
My French classroom
Early for my last class of the semester :)
Christmas decor in my apartment lobby
Just checking our mailboxes for mail heh
ISC Paris Nibbles Party (with appetizer, macarons, and WINE) - I mean, what school would host a party and also supply free wine for their students? #onlyinParis
Team Canada and Christelle <3
+ Fave meal of the month
Salad, smoked salmon, cucumbers, and chicken
+ Team Canada Christmas dinner
Team MWB (maroon, white, and black) cooking
Great action shot
Our wine/champagne/water/tea bar
Our Steak Lettuce wraps
Ignore my face, and look at our delicious homemade food. Noms

+ Christmas nails!
+ admiring Gustave Eiffel's creation
+ Angelina's Tea Room
I went to Angelina's flagship store on Rivoli in hopes for some amazing hot chocolate, but it was disappointing. Not only did I not really like their hot chocolate, but it made me really sick. Although I did bring it onto myself (I'm lactose), I've never been so let down!!
I ordered their signature beverage, the Old-Fashioned Hot Chocolate L'African. It came in a jug with a side of whipped cream.
First off, their hot chocolate is SUPER thick. It was like drinking melted chocolate. It is so thick that even a metal spoon can stand in it haha it was too thick for my preference :P but if you like that kind of hot chocolate, you'd love it!
Before I got sick haha
+ Favorite Song of December (and I'm not ashamed)
They Don't Know About Us by One Direction
+ Skating on Champs-Élysées
My little nuggie and I
Debby & I!
Skating hand-in-hand
Being romantical in a magical setting
+ Christmas markets at La Défense
Where we found POUTINES
+ Ladurée
Thé Marie-Antoinette and Ice Cream Macarons
+ my dearest vP%n's 21st
the beautiful birthday girl
The surprise for the birthday girl!
+ Goodbye Paris
You can read about my emotional "Goodbye Paris, & Hello Toronto" post here.
- - -
And that concludes December! In addition to all of this, I also had the opportunity to take a macaron class. I will post a separate post about that later, after my travel posts. In addition, LINDSEY LEONG came from Canada to visit me in Paris for my last week. It was great because I ended up re-doing all the touristy things with her, which was like a recap for me before I left. I'll be posting about all that as well afterwards.

With 2012 ending soon, I'll be starting my new personal blog in 2013 since my exchange is over so bookmark it ;). But until then, come back soon for my Morocco posts :) I promise, they will be my next 3 posts!!!

Thanks for reading and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody!!! XO
- - -
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