December 25, 2012

Paris Love Locks

I just realized never told you guys about my experience with the Love Lock Bridge in Paris!
So since Paris is known for romance and love, there is a bridge (Pont des Arts) where lovers write their names on a padlock and then they lock it together onto this bridge. They then take the key and throw it in the Seine River, as a symbol of their forever love.
With that being said, we decided to write our names on a lock and bedazzle them. They were so adorable!! We headed out to the bridge together to put it on the bridge. Too bad our lock didn't actually have a key though but L and B's did so they did the whole throwing it in the water thing :) we're so cute!
BUT. So much for 'forever love' because when I went back to look for our lock today, it was gone. Lulz. I guess that symbolizes something? Haha jk. But no seriously.. Who took it? Give it back.

Oh and on a completely different note, Joyeux Noël everybody 
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