December 19, 2012

Bangkok Day 5: Jim Thompson House & Flea Markets

Started my morning right with some Asian food (can't get enough of it!)
And then I went back to sleep until 3pm LOL typical me. Jetlag finally caught up to me haha I was exhausted.
When I decided it was finally time for me to stop being fat and lazy, I took the hotel shuttle out to the Skytrain. I headed down to check out the Jim Thompson House.
Jim Thompson is very famous for rediscovering Thai silk and bringing it to America. In the tour, I learned about him (he was an architect , explored his house and learned how/why he designed his house the way it was, and a lot of other random facts. Although I thought I would learn about the silk part of Jim Thompson, it was still quite interesting.
PS after the tour, it also came with a ride back to the National Stadium in a golf cart (eeeeep) and yup, you know it. I somehow managed to get the driver dude to let me drive it hahaha so I guess I can check that off my To Do List of 2012!
I went to see the National Stadium, which was nothing more than a plain old field with bleachers.. It was so boring that I didn't even take pictures of it haha. But next to the National Stadium, there was a weekly flea market!! I obviously went to check it out to see if I could practice my bargaining skills again :P
Look at how busy it is!!! And when you're actually in the crowds, it feels 1000000x more crowded. Merps.
On anther note, I'm done travelling around! Today was Friday so that meant that my dad had the weekend off so I would be able to spend more time with him :)
- - -
Day 6 tomorrow! Xo
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