December 20, 2012

Bangkok Day 6: Chatuchak Markets, Shopping, & Thai Iced Tea

Today is Saturday!! Which meant that my dad did not have work :)
He decided to bring me to the Chatuchak markets. Crazzzzzziest crowds. If you're claustrophobic like I am, I recommend you not going! Haha, but I went for the experience. Although I felt like I was going to suffocate a number of times, it was honestly such a different experience.

I got to see how locals sell their items and they are so different than the vendors inside malls. Everything was really cheap but the quality wasn't that great, so I didn't really buy anything there.
My favorite stall there was the famous Thai iced tea. They way they make the tea involves spinning around and around while shifting the tea from cup to cup. Okay that didn't make any sense haha the video I took will probably make more sense to you (excuse the crappy quality of the video haha and sorry it's sideways! I have no idea how to flip it).

After sweating buckets and getting lost in the markets, we took a taxi back to CentralWorld to eat lunch.
I had Pad See Ew (brb while I drool), my dad had shark fin soup and rice, and we had 2 skewers as well.
We headed out to Platinum Mall, which is a huge mall with a lot of small vendors. The only thing different about this mall was that all the stores were like wholesalers. Everything was not necessarily cheaper or expensive, but the more you bought at their store, the cheaper each item would be. It was weird!! And sometimes it was hard to find enough things I wanted. So in the end, I bought this bronze spiked necklace with skulls on it (one of my favorite purchases this trip!) and scarves for my mom and sissy.
After that, my dad took me to an electronics mall. I played around with Windows 8 (of course I would.. Hehe) and bought fake iPhone earphones for $3 hahah don't judge, mine were breaking!
Since we were on a roll, we decided to go to MBK to try to shop for things for my dad :) and it was quite successful! I was able to buy him 2 dress shirts, a new laptop backpack, and also a custom made suit. Yayayy my bargaining skills are improving :)

After shopping and walking for the entire day, we headed back to a restaurant near the hotel that my dad went before with my mom. We ordered this huge bowl of noodles and seafood. Now thaaats what I'm talking about!! So yums!
I had such a great day just spending it with my dad! But it also meant that my Thailand trip would be ending tomorrow. Booooooooooooooooo (n)
- - -
Day 7 tomorrow :(
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