December 30, 2012

Goodbye to my Paris

The time has come. 
I am officially done my exchange in Paris, and it was time to leave.
The past few days were the hardest days ever! There were so many 'this is our last time doing...' statements made, and it was just really depressing to be leaving such a beautiful city behind.
My last time at the Eiffel Tower (for 2012)
I couldn't believe what was happening. It felt so surreal that I wasn't flying off to some other European city for the weekend, but I was going back to Toronto.

I kept thinking that I was only leaving Paris for a week, and that I would be back after New Years. But no.. I'm not going back to Paris any time soon. D:
And to be honest, I still don't think it has hit me that I'm not going back!!

If you read my last post about packing or talked to me yesterday, you would have known that I was super stressed out about packing..
However, due to the amazing packing skills I have acquired over these four months, I actually managed to pack everything into my suitcases with extra room!!!! Amazing. I definitely pat myself on the back when I was done heh
Tell me how I was able to fit 12 pairs of shoes in that little compartment?
All my clothes for the past four months in little bags. Amazing.
But needless to say, it was an emotional goodbye. It was hard saying goodbye to my apartment, but even worse at the airport. We stood outside the gates not wanting to go inside for a good 30 minutes haha. I needed time to accept reality.
I still can't believe I fit my past four months into 3 suitcases and 1 backpack. Crazy.
BUT on the bright side, I am beyond happy to be back home with my family and friends. Although I've been having the time of my life in Europe, I've missed them all dearly.
Arriving at the airport, knowing that my family was on the other side waiting for me to come out, made me super happy. Heh and that's enough for me!
AC881 has arrived!
Look at our confused little faces haha
Love my baby sissy
Too happy. My favorite people in the entire world.
 Thank you to the 3 most important people in my life. I've missed you!!!
- - -
PS, this is my dad having tea time (he took these pictures). I guess I taught him well in Thailand :)
I think he's ready to get Instagram... Hahah
- - -
I'll miss you, Paris. But I'll come back for you one day. :)
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