December 23, 2012

Bangkok Day 7: River Tour, Twinings Tea, & Goodbye Hugs

As the last day of being in Thailand with my dad, we decided to take it easy and just relax. We woke up rather 'late' and just headed out towards Sathon Pier. We took a local boat around the Chao Phraya River just to do a little sightseeing without really walking around. It was a tad too local for me. It was super squishy and I got splashed by the dirty river water and I even saw people fishing and dumping fish back into the river right next to me! Awks.. Haha.
We decided to get off at this stop and walk towards Kao San Road, a famous backpacking street. And it is true! I have never seen so many backpackers clumped together ever! There were so many little stalls and food booths cramped together where they just prepared, cooked, and packaged food right infront of you. It was a weird combination of many different smells.
It was super hot that day, so I was dyingggg. So, after walking up and down the street once, we decided to just head back to CentralWorld for high tea :)
We decided to go for high tea at a new Twinings tea room that recently opened just that month. I was overwhelmed with how cute everything was, where as my dad was just like "um...can we please order something to eat and drink? K thanks" haha. Obviously he didn't get it (jk, he loved it).
We ordered Twining's Elegant Afternoon Tea Set, which included a big pot of tea (I chose Darjeeling) and a 3 tiered high tea set.
They gave us a timer, because different types of tea takes a different amount of time to steep.  So kewl.
Happy birthday daddyboo :)
With our high tea, we got a free gift set as well!! It came with 2 boxes of different teas, and a tea set. SO adorable. I'm so happy I got those little trinkets as souvenirs :) now I'm going to have so many London themed things when I go home (hehehe yay).
After that, we just walked around the mall and here are some random pictures...
A super yum plate of cold glass noodles and chicken skewers
Who's a Lindt bear?
Shoes at Aldo! It's like Thailand themed or something.
Last meal :(
And then it was time for me to go to the airport :(
It was so sad saying goodbye to my dad!! I felt like I was not going to see him again for another four months, but in reality I would be seeing him in less than a month. I got super homesick for a bit but then I realized that I'm actually really thankful that I was able to take this trip in the first place. So I said my goodbyes and headed to the airport.
In the taxi.. No goats? LOL
Being early, I had time to just hang out at Starbucks and take advantage of their awesome holiday drinks. I just had to get the Cranberry White Mocha one more time. So nums, I'm going to miss it!
When I boarded the plane, I didn't even check what movies they had because I was reading Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen. It was too good to put down!! I finished reading the book in about 1.5 hours, and then slept the rest of the way to Zurich.
- - -
Landing in word: gorgeous. I looked out the window and it was so pretty. I think it was the first sight of snow for me this winter. I really missed it! With the snow on the ground, and with snowy mountains in the background... It was surreal!!!
With my connecting flight from Zurich to Paris cancelled, I was really frustrated because I was supposed to head to Disneyland RIGHT when I landed to Paris. So this meant that my day would have to start later because my flight will land later :(
However, with a couple of nice words and a smile at 7am, I got a free meal voucher, got to go into the Swiss lounge, got to pick my seat on the plane, and got priority boarding! Woopwoop.
On the way back to Paris, I ended up just talking with the people sitting next to me. They were all solo travellers, both from Germany! We just shared stories for the hour and then we arrived in CDG.

Hello Paris, once again :)
I definitely won't be looking forward to this goodbye...
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