December 18, 2012

Bangkok Day 4: Siam Ocean World, Pad Thai, & Beer Fest

I started off my morning with a little swim in the paradise pool, and then had breakfast by the pool and palm trees. I'm starting to love this morning routine!! After a relaxing morning, I decided to head out to one of my most anticipated attractions.. Siam Ocean World!!! (Aquariums are my fave, if you didn't know).
So I took the hotel shuttle out to the Skytrain and then headed over to Siam Paragon for one of my most anticipated days :P

Being the largest aquarium in South Asia, I kind of expected it to be big but then again, I couldn't really expect much since the aquarium was just the basement of a mall hahaha but still. I loved it!
Despite the fact that I spent a total of 3 hours there, watching all the different shows and sitting there just watching the fishies and penguins swim... I didn't think it was boring. Call ME boring if you want, but I love what I love teehee :)
Here are some pictures of my fave penguins:
Penguin feeding!
Anddd I couldn't forget about my little Squishies :)
After staying there long enough for the workers to recognize me as the loner, I went and ate at the food hall. I had a lot of small little things, with a side of bubble tea. It's definitely the best way to eat! I'd buy something, and eat it as I walk around until I'm done and find something else that looks appetizing :) I did however also eat a plate of glass noodle padthai. SO good!!!!!
I headed out to MBK to do some damage and it was quite successful. I bought everything I wanted to get for good prices.
Also, something else I realized was that there are a lot of men walking around in suits (for work) which isn't anything to complain about. But it's quite hilarious to see men in suits drinking out of baby juice boxes... I think it's a Thailand thing? I have no idea, but it was always funny to see that.
On my way back, I walked by the Scala Theatre. It was built in 1967 and is the oldest theatre in Bangkok. It  only plays 1 movie haha I didn't watch a movie in it, but I walked around inside and it looked really vintage-y (if that makes any sense).
In the evening, since my dad was working late today, I decided to go out with these people that I met earlier in the day. They brought me out to the outdoor beer fest outside of CentralWorld! It was SO cool and different!
So since it's 'winter' and 'cold' in Thailand in the months of November and December, the different beer breweries set up beer gardens and campsites. At this particular location, they had 4 sites where they would have a live band playing every night. Since it was a Thursday, it wasn't too packed which was a good thing because it was SO hot outside haha.
Here are a couple pictures of the beer gardens that I went to.
Another cool thing about these beer fests were that their beer came in a huge cylinder tube (like the picture above). In order to sit down at a table, you would have to buy a cylinder of beer! So interesting.
(I didn't take other pictures because I didn't want to act touristy with these locals hahaha...)

In addition to shopping and eating in Thailand, my next favorite thing is to go into grocery stores and look at all the different snacks they have. They have so many different flavors and things that Paris doesn't have!! Such as...
- - -
Day 5 tomorrow :)
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