December 10, 2012

Bangkok Day 2: Dad's Birthday, Grand Palace, and Sushi

Peak: Drinking bubble tea for the first time in 3 months
Pit: The weather = crazy humid and hot!
- - -
Since it was my dad's birthday, he got the day off work! :)
Our first stop: the Grand Palace
I went there the last time I was in Bangkok with my mom and sissy, but my dad has never been so we decided to check it out. Yep.. Nothing has changed since 5 years ago haha. I wasn't allowed to wear 'tight pants' aka my leggings so they made me wear this Thai skirt to cover up. It was hilarious because my skirt matched hardcore with my existing outfit - navy and gold, haayyy.
My matchy matchy outfit
On the Grand Palace grounds
Entering the Grand Palace
Paintings inside

It was so hot cause it was around 12pm-1pm, dumb on our part, so we just walked through quickly and the left for Siam. On the way out, we saw guards marching around (love seeing guards!) and ended up in the Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles, where they had a free exhibit called the "Exhibition Pressing, Perfuming, and Preserving: Caring for Textiles on the Inner Court."

Second stop: Siam Paragon
Walking into Siam gave me so many flashbacks of when I came here before. Nothing really changed though because I even remembered where my fave bbt stall was in the massive food court! Since it was really hot outside, we decided to just stay inside to chill and eat. We ended up staying for a total of 3 hours just eating little things here and there around the mall.
Holding my bbt in a bag? Can't get more Asian than this!
First bubble tea in 3 months...Amazing.
Starbucks knows me toooooo well. My 3 favorite holiday drinks? Thanks :)
Third stop: Health Land
After eating, we decided to head over to Health Land to get massages.
We waited for an hour to get in and when we finally sat down on the comfy chairs, I got super sleepy. At first, when they started touching my feet, it was super awkward and ticklish. I had to focus on not kicking the person in the face haha because Thai massages are always super painful!! But after a while, I got used to it and fell asleep :)
They made me change into their "little" shorts.. Which were obv huge on me haha
Fourth stop: Sushicyu
For dinner, we decided to go to this sushi place that my dad loves. It was a really authentic Japanese restaurant in the Conrad hotels. We each ordered this 'supreme' plate of sushi that had 10 pieces of special types of sushi. It was surprisingly reallyyyyy good. I don't know if it was because I was just craving sushi, or if it was just really good. But usually I detest other types of fish except salmon, but I loved them all! Maybe because all the fish was really fresh.. Although it was really expensive, I think it was totally worth it and I would definitely recommend this place!
Other people in the restaurant were ordering sushi by the piece. So they would ask the chef for 1 piece of sushi at a time, and he would make it then and there. It was like you had your own sushi chef! Pretty cool.
After eating, we headed back to the hotel because my dad was going to have a super busy day at work the next day. And I didn't complain because even though it was only 11pm, with the time difference, it was actually 5am Paris time haha so I was glad to get some sleep.

Overall, it was a very eventful first day in Thailand and I was just really happy I got to spend it with my dad for his birthday!!
Happy birthday Papa Ng :) you're the bestest!!!
- - -
Day 3 post tomorrow! Until then, xo
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