December 09, 2012

Bangkok Day 1: Airplanes, Reunions, and Palm Trees

Peak: Seeing my dad's happy face as I sang Happy Birthday to him over a Ladurée macaron
Pit: my iTouch running out of batteries on the airplane
- - -
I'm not too sure what you think of when you think of Bangkok, Thailand, but when I think about it... I think of shopping and food - two of my ultimate favorite things in the world.

Leaving for Thailand felt soo surreal on Monday morning (November 26th). I was super nervous and excited at the same time, because I would get to see Papa Ng(!!!!!!!!) but I would be taking the RER by myself with all my luggage. I was scared I wouldn't be able to handle it but of course, as always, everything worked out.
I arrived to the airport with 2 hours to spare, so I just relaxed and read my book on my iTouch (fave thing to do at airports!)
It's really happening.. CDG --> BKK!
For the past 3 months, I've been taking budget airlines so taking a normal airline was a greattttt change. I totally forgot you get unlimited alcohol and loads of food... Being tipsy is definitely the best way to fly. Even though the flight was 10 hours, it didn't feel that long. Maybe because I'm the odd one out that loves airplanes, or because I was tipsy, but it wasn't as painful as I had imagined it to be. :) and the crazy amount of food they gave definitely helped the flight to be more bearable.

I arrived in Thailand (with the time difference) at 6:30AM, while the sun was just rising. It was suchh a pretty sight! The first thought when I got outside: it was SO HOT, even though it was so early!
I quickly got a taxi and headed to find my dad at his hotel.
Good morning Bangkok!
Arriving at the hotel felt even more surreal. I checked into my dad's hotel and started heading to the room. On the way to my tower (there are 4 towers in this hotel), their main area on the 4th floor was their Oasis. It was a gorgeous tropical looking area with a pool. SO nice. I immediately fell in love!
Definitely my little paradise location
Seeing my dad for the first time in 3 months was definitely a great feeling hehehe. It was my dad's birthday so I'm pretty sure I was the best present ever (LOL jk) but I know he was really happy to see me :) 
While he got ready for the day, I unpacked and got myself situated in his apartment-styled hotel room. We skyped my mom and sister for a while. It was so weird being next to my dad as we skyped haha usually it'd be them 3 and me on 1 side. My homesickness was being cured!! :)
Then we went downstairs for breakfast and had my first taste of real Asian food. Nothing can describe how awesome I felt!
View from hotel room
First taste of Asian food at hotel's breakfast
Dad's surprise for me that he brought from Hong Kong! NUMS.
The day I arrived in Bangkok was technically my Day 2, so I'll post the rest of November 27th in the next post! Xo
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