December 04, 2012

My November Photo Diary

Why hello hello :)
...and welcome to my new theme for my blog!
I decided to change it because I've been getting feedback about how I upload way too many pictures so it doesn't load properly in the theme that I had. I changed it to a more simplistic one so it's easier to scroll :)
And, sorry I haven't blogged in a long time. I haven't even done my London posts!! Promise I'll be better! I've just been super busy traveling around with no down days to just sit and blog. 
My goal starting Thursday, December 6th, is to schedule 1 post to publish each day at around 6-7pm EST, so look forward to that (Safia, this is mainly for you hehe).
For now, here is my photo diary of Paris for the month of November :)
Disclaimer: photo quality is not the best because, as you all know, I hate cameras. So my camera? My crappy blackberry. Deal with it :)
Enjoy!! XO
- - -
Starting the month off with Starbucks :
My first holiday drink of the year: Latte Noisette Caramel
Marks & Spencer date :
Mocha au Tiramisu and a generous amount of shortbread cookies
My 3 favorite goodies from London :
Ladurée :
Couldn't take my eyes off this macaron box at Printemps, so I had to get it
Christmas displays!

La Petite Veste Noir, Chanel Exhibit :
Night out @ Palais Maillot (fave club) :
They had 2 people in light-up suits (sponsored by Smirnoff) dancing around in stilts.. It was amazing.

 Breakfast in Paris :
Pain au chocolate and my Americano, typs
My home cooked meal of the month :
My fave meal for Nov : Fried rice, zucchinis, mushrooms, and steak
 Best travel buddy ever :
The day I felt super sick so Viv brought me my fave Starbucks drink to cheer me up
Christmas Market @ Champs-Élysées/Place de la Concorde :
View of the Arc de Triomphe
View from the middle of the road, down towards the Christmas markets
Cinderella horse carriage
Ferris wheel and Obelisk of Luxor
Spontaneous dessert night - vanilla bean, chocolate, mango, and strawberry ice cream
Mulled wine!
Random Horse festival we passed by on the streets :
 Gorgeous day out exploring in Paris :

Galeries Lafayette & Printemps adventure :
LV window display - my penguins are so posh
Lights outside Printemps

Christmas tree inside GL. Amazing.
- - -
Wow, I actually ended up having a lot of photos!! I told you guys it'd be worth the wait ;)
Look forward to my posts in the upcoming week, as I start my countdown to leaving Europe and going back home!
Countdown: I'm not doing it yet.. I can't accept the fact that I'm leaving so soon *cries*
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