December 11, 2012

Bangkok Day 3: Eating, Shopping, and myself

Peak: walking around the mall aimlessly and carefree
Pit: asking for a table *cries*
- - -
Today is the day that commences my solo travels. I woke up in the morning with my dad already at work. They start work super early in Thailand and end really late as well! Anyway, so I went down to the pool area for breakfast. I enjoyed some awesome Asian food while lounging on the deck of the pool next to palm trees. It felt absolutely unreal. Until.. It started raining. OF COURSE. Not even surprised. So it ruined my plans for the day because I was planning on heading out to the famous parks and riding bikes (yes, by myself) but instead I took the hotel shuttle to Central Rama Plaza.

Central Rama III Plaza
My dad told me about this amazing restaurant there that had a hotpot and sushi buffet, so obviously I had to go try it out!! It was SO different! But first about the sitting situation. I walked by the restaurant first while staring inside the windows to see if it was the right place. The employees already noticed me and tried to get me to come inside and here was how the conversation went:
Them: Sawadeekah come here to eat! Do you want to eat here?
Me: Umm.. Yes sure
Them: Okay! Table for 2
Me: No... Table for 1
Them: 2?
Me: No.. 1
Them: *holds up two fingers*
Me: No.. *holds up 1 finger*
Them: Oh... Okay
And then they proceeded to sit me down at a four person table, and slowly take away the other 3 plate settings. UGH!!! Haha, so painful. Haha But enough about the embarrassing part. I forced myself to accept it and then I kinda got over it haha (not really).
So onto the food part.. Basically everyone has their own hot pot and they sit next to this conveyor belt. The food that you use for the hot pot came on the conveyor belt, like the picture below.

And on top of that, they had an all you can eat buffet part of the restaurant. It also included tempura, dumplings, and other hot Japanese food. It was GREAT. I couldn't take a picture of the buffet part, but here is a picture of the sushi that I managed to sneak. (It was pretty embarrassing pulling out my camera, especially after asking for a table of one, cries).
I ate SO much! It was great. All in all, it was an AMAZING first meal alone. Hot pot, sushi, green tea, by myself, for 2 hours. It was so good.
(Safia, sorry for the many mentions, but you would have LOVED this. I know you've been eating sushi for me for the past 3 months, but I'm definitely sure I ate some for you when I was here :D)
After eating, I was going to walk back to the hotel and head out to the Skytrain to go out, but of course, it was just teeming with rain outside. So instead, I got a taxi and headed to CentralWorld mall, this international mall in the central touristy area.

CentralWorld mall
First thoughts when I walked in: HUGE. It was 7 floors and 2 full buildings (kind of like 2 malls connected into 1). Oh and let me mention that 2 FULL floors is dedicated to just food? Amazing, I know.
My favorite thing about this mall is that it has all these international popular awesome stores in it, as opposed to Thai-ish stores. The way they organize it is awesome as well. The mall was sectioned off into countries. So there was a section with North American stores (ex. Aldo, Forever 21), London stores (ex. Ted Baker, River Island), Spain stores (ex. Zara, Mango), and France stores (Ex. Pull and Bear, Stradivarius, Bershka). With that being said, obviously I spent quite a lot of time there just walking in and out of stores, but just browsing because the prices are x2 the price normally here! I just explored around the mall, drank some bbt, and ate some food. Typical day in Bangkok :)
Loving the Christmas decor
Cupcake Love: This cute little set-up really made me want to eat a cupcake. And also since there are basically no cupcakes in Paris, I was craving them. I got a chocolate cupcake with cookies and cream frosting. NUMs.
Candy making: Next to the food court, there was a candy making booth where they make customized hard candy. They can make any pattern or image, and can even write letters/words in the center of it. The one that I loved most had a panda face on it. SO adorable, and awesome to watch!
AIS event
Something about Bangkok is that they have different events every single day at the malls. I accidentally walked into this AIS event because I saw free cupcakes on the tables. While picking up my cupcake, I got bombarded by cameramen and ended up getting interviewed in Thai!! Like um what in the world? And while trying to get out of it, the celebrity guy came up to me and said "Hey" and shook my hand. Talk about awkward!!! Funny how I met celebrities in Thailand but.. Why can't I meet celebrities in Paris? :(
Outdoor Christmas square: CentralWorld has the tallest Christmas tree in South Asia (30 feet)
After spending my entire day at the mall, my dad got off work so I headed back to the hotel to meet up with him. We went to this Japanese restaurant near the hotel. We both had iced green tea, which was delicious. I forever want to drink green tea cold (and we got free refills :D)! I ordered some ramen and my dad ordered pork cutlet with rice. The food was really good, and we ended up just sitting there and talking for a while until we both got tired.
- - -
Day 4 tomorrow! :)
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