December 07, 2012

Part 2 of London. London, you will be missed

Day 3 :: 
We woke up relatively early to see the Guard Changing Ceremony at the Buckingham Palace. We got there early enough to get spots right at the gates. The entire ceremony lasts for about 45 minutes. It starts off with bands arriving and playing, the guards coming out and getting in order, and then the ceremony will officially start and it lasts for 30 minutes. In the ceremony, the bands will play music while the guards do the change. Here are some pictures of the change. I mainly took videos but can't upload them here, so pictures will have to do!
The guard marching around, hehe
The crowds and crowds of people!
The guards
The guards and the band
The band playing! Amazing.
Guard changing!
Ceremony is over, the band is leaving

After the changing of the guards, we headed over to bake-a-boo for our high tea reservation :)
CUTEST set up
Super excited and happy for high tea :)
Tea menu
Our little snackies on the three-tiered display rack
Everything was okay... The decor was amazing. But the sandwiches weren't that good.. Literally just bread and butter... Not appetizing at all. The scones were good with the jam though and the tea was like normal tea. Other than that, I would recommend this place! Its so cute and hidden in a little town (hard to get to).
Bake-a-Boo on Urbanspoon
- - -
After high tea, we went to visit London Bridge and Tower Bridge.
View of Tower Bridge from London Bridge
As a night event, we decided that it was a must to watch a musical in London. With all the musicals we wanted to watch either sold out or super expensive, especially being a Friday. The only tickets we ended up getting were for Loserville! One (way) ticket to Loserville, please? ;)
Loserville was a mix between High School Musical and Glee (in my opinion), and with me being a fan of both.. It was great :)
Cute christmas tree we passed by
Day 4 :: the day we were leaving London. Of course on the day we leave, the weather would be gorrrgeous! Below are the pictures from L + B when they went to explore the city one last time. V and I decided to go back to Oxford street and shop some more (haha, go figure).
Other than that, that's a wrap for my London trip!!
It was a bittersweet moment as I left because it was definitely one of my favorite cities of all time, even before going on exchange. Only thing I know for certain is that I will definitely be back soon :)
Maybe next summer if I end up going on a Europe cruise?!!? Maybe... (Hint hint mom and dad hint hint hehe)
- - -
Thanks for reading! Xo
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