January 01, 2013

Marrakesh Day 1: A start of a competely unique experience

As my first post of 2013, I will finally start my posts about Morocco now! :P
- - -
*temporarily going back in time to December 7th, 2012*
Leaving Paris for Africa already sounds crazy, so when we woke up at 4am to start our trip to the airport.. It sounded even crazier. And to match with the craziness, it started snowing/raining slush with super strong winds. It was so strong that it bent my umbrella... It was awks. So glad I was leaving this weather behind though!! (But on a more optimistic note, that was the first snow in Paris I experienced! Slash only snow..)

When we arrived in Marrakesh, I could already tell by my surroundings that I was in for a crazy one-of-a-kind adventure. We arranged a taxi to pick us up from the airport, and we were quickly on our way. We arrived to our hostel, only to find out how amaaaazing it was. Everything was so different, but gorgeous at the same time. SO african-like!! I loved it.
Streets of Marrakesh
Taxi dude carrying our luggage for us
Equity Point Hostels lobby
Right outside our room
Cats were EVERYWHERE in Morocco. They symbolized 'good' haha Saf, here is the pic you requested.
View from the hostel's terrace
After settling in, we quickly left and ventured into the market area. We started going shopping for things that we wanted to buy: scarves and moroccan pants for the camel trek. We stopped by a restaurant for lunch which had an amazing view over the entire marketplace.
tangine!! YUMs.
By the time we left, it started getting dark
The sky looks so fake!
Pretty lanterns!!

Loving the archways!
After shopping a bit more, we decided to head back to the hostel and rest up for the following day. We had to wake up super early to start off our 2 day camel trek :)

Stay tune for Day 2 and 3 of my Moroccan experience!!
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