January 07, 2013

La Cuisine Paris Macaron Class

I've always wanted to learn how to make a macaron, so what better time to learn how to make a French pastry when I'm in Paris?

I signed up for a Macaron Noël baking class in December with La Cuisine Paris. It was perfect because all the classes were in English, so I didn't have to worry about that and also there are a lot of other classes besides macarons!
Here are some pictures from our class :)
Me listening intently while mixing
Mixing in the meringue into the mixture
Piping is a lot harder than it looks..
Success :)
Added gold flakes on the tops :)
Proud of my piping hehe
Into the oven they go! For 12-15 minutes, or until they stop sticking to the sheet
Look at their feet! :)
Me and my "K" macaron
Final product: Pink macarons with chocolate ganache and gold designs ;)
I'd say that overall, this baking session, was a huge success!
Besides the color not turning out correctly (it's supposed to be a deep red LOL fail), it was a very fun experience! I missed baking soo much, so this really helped me fill my void until I got back to Toronto.

I'll be practicing more when I settle back in Toronto. So if you want to be my guinea pig.. Just let me know ;)
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