September 04, 2012

The Palace et Moi

Le Château de Versailles. ..Need I say more? I have a thing for visiting castles slash palaces wherever I go, so I obviously couldn't miss out on this one! Today was probably my most anticipated tourist attraction for this week (besides the Eiffel Tower, but I've been there before, so it doesn't count)!
It was quite a mission to get there, but it was definitely worth it. Just walking towards the palace was already breathtaking. The trees, and cobblestone roads, ahh! The architecture of the castle and the gold gate outside was soo pretty. My sister, who wants to do architecture, was loving it even more than I was. And trust me, I was loving it. Everything was just gorgeous! We couldn't stop taking pictures! (Update: My family took 598 pictures today. True.)
1. The exterior of the palace, from inside the gate
2. The palace and I
3-4. The beautiful decoration inside the palace. (LOVE it)
5. Our "jumping" photos that were a complete epic fail..
6. Outside the palace, in the courtyard
7. Us being silly, as per usual
8. The result of struggling plus more struggling and leg muscles (jk)
9. Me so tinyyyy
10. Map of the entire Château de Versailles

As you can see from the map, Le Château de Versailles is a hugee palace, with massive gorgeous gardens. Since we only had time to go into the palace, next time (yes, I am definitely coming here again) we already decided that we're going to spend a day in the garden part of the palace...driving golf carts! I never knew that was a thing here, but apparently it is! So I'm excited for that :)

After visiting Versailles, we stopped by the Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris, just before closing. Olden day churches are so pretty! I also love the stained windows inside the church. Reminds me of my old church back in San Francisco!
We also stopped by Galeries Lafayette to visit Longchamp. After 3 days of debating, we finally purchased 5 classic Le Pliage bags. Call us crazy, because we indeed did look insane.
For dinner, we went back to Chartier for another round of some delicious French cuisine. We got a little lost, but it let me walk by this gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous building. I wonder how long it's going to take me to get over how gorgeous these buildings are in France!!
And that is all. Baiiiis.
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