September 05, 2012

Moved in!!

The long awaited day finally arrived. We officially moved into our apartment!! It was definitely not how I expected it to look like, but it's livable. The building is completely brand new (in fact, they're still not done construction), so all my furniture is new as well. It's good because I know it's only dirty from dust and not someone else's dirt. But it also has some downfalls because some of my necessities are not working, like hot water! Also, might I mention that my shower is slightly really ghetto? :( but I gotta live with what I've got :)
I'll post a picture of my studio after I set everything up! A special thanks to my lovely fams for helping me clean everything and setting up my room!! ^-^

LOL jk. I don't actually know how to write Chinese... But anyway, we went to Chinatown today, and it was just, disgusting. Sorry for the harsh word, but I don't really have any other word to describe it. I just know that I will never be going back there on my own will.

I was starving the entire day, as I didn't have time to eat during the day (so sad). So I just had to wait until dinner, but good thing we went to a buffet! The food wasn't that great, but since I was starving, it was alright.

Today was a no picture kinda day, so goodbye until tomorrow!! :)

Bonne nuit! Xo
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