September 19, 2012

Day Four: Marseille.1

Since we had an early night, we woke up rather early to take the train to Marseille. As per usual, we had another croissant for breakfast. I really hope I learn to like bread soon! It's the perfect way to save money and also feel fuller. (Exactly what I need! I just need to stop being so picky :( so difficult!).

With our luck, of course we would miss the train by a couple minutes. So we had to wait around an hour and a half in the station. Once we arrived to Marseille, I could already tell that it was super sketchy. Everywhere we looked, someone was looking back at us. I honestly feel like they've never seen an asian girl before haha it's so odd.

After we dropped off our things at the hotel, and after watching Friends with Benefits in French, we decided to head out and visit the Vieux Port. We walked along Quai Du Port in hopes of finding a good restaurant to try out the famous fish soup, bouillabaisse. After walking along the port, we decided to eat at Les Canotiers. Since we both did not enjoy seafood (but still wanted to try this famous soup), we decided to share the soup. Good thing we decided to share, because neither of us liked it. I liked the soup base, and I had fun dipping my bread into the soup. But all the lobster and different kinds of fish? No, not so much. Overall, I'd say it was rather a good seafood-y meal though.
After dinner, the weather was being crazy so we decided to head back to the hotel early and be grannies again. We literally ran back to the hotel because we were so sketched out by the people that kept staring and saying 'ni hao' to us as we walked by.
And that was that! I was honestly a little disappointed because I thought Marseille would be super gorgeous and nice, but it wasn't anything amazing or exciting. Maybe because the weather wasn't great, but still! Oh well :) at least we were staying there for 2 days!
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