September 03, 2012

And.. the KNs get lost in Paris

Going to Sacré-Cœur Basilica was our main agenda for today. Sacré-Cœur is a Roman Catholic church that is located at the highest point of the city. It was quite a tiring walk to get up, but it was no challenge for me ;). The view from the top of the surrounding city was...not breathtaking (lol) but it was alright! It would've been better if the weather was nicer! Today was supposed to be a "sunny, summer-like day", so my sister and I wore shorts. Little did we know: (1) it would rain and that (2) the Sacré-Cœur had a very strict dress code. We were almost not allowed inside because we were wearing inappropriate clothing! Also, we weren't allowed to take pictures inside but being the rebel I am, I still managed to take a couple :D
1. My dad and I2-4. Walking up to the Sacré-Cœur
5-6. The view up to the church, and the view down to the city

On to the main story of the day.. Mama Ng was so tired walking up the hill, that she decided to take the tram back down the hill. It would've only taken a minute, IF she went on the right tram. She decided to go on another random tram, which ended up being a tour around the city. We took the time to go to the little souvenir shops at the foot of the hill, and went to Maison Georges LARNICOL (still not used to capitalizing everyone's last names). Larnicol is a chocolatier, where we saw a chocolate Eiffel Tower and tried some macarons! Too too cute :)

While on the hunt for my mother, we stumbled (literally) across this little café, called Café Chappe. This was probably the best legit French meal I've had on my trip so far :) something about France is that all the restaurants have set combo meals, which are always amazing. We had French Onion soup and quiche as appetizers, and different pasta dishes as our main course. Just looking at the pictures made my stomach growl again.. Great. I guess I'll be coming back :)

After lunch, we went back to Printemps to do some more shopping :) and also stopped by the "PointWC Paris." PointWC are luxury washrooms where you need to pay 1,5€ to use the washroom. If you paid extra, you'd get to choose the color of your toilet paper and they even had Eiffel Tower designs. But in reality, the washrooms were the same (how different could they really be..), but they just had nice wallpaper and lighting LOL. Did people in Paris run out of ways to spend their money? I guess so. #onlyinParis..seriously.

ALSO! I've been saying "bonjour", "merci", "bonsoir", "pardon", and "aurevoir" more loosely now :) I don't feel too weird saying it anymore. Yay? Yay :)
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