September 07, 2012

Last day in Paris for ma familia!

Today was an absolute gorgeous sunny day :) it was the perfect weather to have a picnic, lounge by the beach, or go to the Eiffel Tower. As a tribute to my family's last day in Paris, we decided to go to the Eiffel Tower once more - to see the tower in all it's daytime glory. From my apartment, I only need to take 1 train (no transfers needed) and I'm there in 15 minutes! If you go to school at Laurier/Waterloo, that's like around the time it takes to walk from the SBE building to the UW Plaza.. Just amazed at that thought.
1. My artistic picture of the day (lol, I just really liked how the Eiffel Tower looked like through my sunglasses)
2. My sissy & I 
3. I love how you can put the Sepia effect on any picture and it will automatically look like a postcard
4-7. My fave people in the entire universe :)

For lunch, we went to a Cafe Brasserie near the Eiffel Tower. We decided to sit outside hoping that no one that smokes would sit next to us. That's my biggest dislike. Basically if you want to sit outside and you don't smoke, you have to breathe in second hand smoke. Blegh!! Anyway, we ordered a chicken caesar and apple fruit salad and steak to share! It was absolutely filling :)
8. The outside of the cafe
9. While waiting for our food, we saw some people move into their apartment using these conveyor belt thingies. SO cool!
10-11. Food.. noms

After being unbelievably full (what else is new), my parents wanted to do some last minute shopping. So, we stopped by their favorite department store, Printemps, once again. We purchased more items from Aigle, Ladurée, and Longchamp. Yet another successful shopping day :)
For dinner, we went back to La Terrace for another round of delicious food.
12. Salmon fillet and basil with rice
13. French onion soup
14. Sirloin steak and fries
15. Free-range chicken and fries

What a great last day :)
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