September 21, 2012


HELLO IBITHA, as the Europeans call it. The highlight of our trip has finally arrived, and we were super excited to go to Spain! Especially since the past 3 days were such chill days, we were ready to party ;)
We met up with other Laurier people at the Marseille airport and once we landed in Ibiza, our first stop (before we even put down our luggage into our apartment) was the supermarket to get alcohol. Alcohol.. Is dirt cheap here! It is cheaper to get a bottle of vodka than to get a bottle of juice. Perfect for Ibiza :)
The weather was amazing, and I couldn't have asked for a better day to arrive!
Once we dropped off stuff at the hotel, we decided to hit up the beach. We went to a day club that was outside on some patio and then went to Space at night.
Space was awesome. The energy, the music, the people, it was great! Especially because we got in for free with our wristbands. Otherwise, we probably would have paid around 40-50 euros! Can you see us in the crowd picture? ;) haha, I don't have any pictures to post from the club that are decent enough.. So you get the point.. :) xo
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