September 16, 2012

Day One: Nice bound!

So on September 9th, we left from Paris to our first stop, Nice. Our flight was at 7am, and because we had to get to the airport 2 hours before departure, we had to leave our apartment at 4:20!!! It was ridiculous. You should also know that we both stayed up until around 1am packing.. You won't understand HOW difficult it is to pack 1 weeks worth of clothing (lols) and necessities into a backpack, until you have to go through it yourself. I swear it took me around 5 hours. Insane. After arriving to the airport, we checked in and reality started to hit. I WAS GOING ON MY FIRST VACATION WOOOO! I was super excited :) I tried to sleep on the plane but the excitement made it hard.
1. I thought I'd be able to fit all that into my bag, but in reality, I was only able to fit a little less than half of that into my backpack.
2. My backpack and I....LOL I had to wear 4 shirts because they didn't fit in my bag.
3. Sunrise from my airplane window, while leaving Paris
4. And, the sunrise as we arrived in Nice!

After arriving in Nice, we made our way to the hotel. After getting lost for around an hour, we finally made it!! All thanks to Vivian's French haha. Also, people in Nice are substantially nicer (pun intended). For example.. Whenever we tried to ask someone a question and they didn't know English, a random stranger standing nearby would bud in and be like "I know English, let me help you instead!" So adorbs.
Even though we got lost, our hotel is actually situated on a main road and right next to a big plaza. We stayed at Ajoupa Baie des Anges (here is there website: click), and it was a lot better than I expected! The staff was nice, and the rooms were clean and big! Perfect accommodation choice, I must say :)

We ate brunch on the patio at La Lorraine, a little corner café. Vivian ordered a pizza, while I had a salmon sandwich with potatoes and a salad. We had a "breakfast for champions", as our waiter called it, because everyone around us was eating a croissant and drinking orange juice or an espresso haha. I swear we stayed there for almost 2 hours, just chillin'. Nice has such a relaxing lifestyle!! I swear I could have just sat there enjoying the beautiful weather (did I mention it was perfect beach weather with a perfect little breeze every now and then?!) for dayyys.
3. My brunch! Nomssss
3. Rue de Masséna, the street of our hotel

We ended up just walking along the Promenade des Anglais and we also walked up to Castle Hill for a panoramic view of the city. It was a gorgeous view!! Since we missed the sunset, due to dinner (food>everything obvi), so we also went back at night to see how nice Nice would be at night. Its definitely a beauty that my camera couldn't capture. None of these pictures do justice to how gorgeous the view actually was!
5. Sitting on the ledge
6. Standing on the ledge, like a true rebel
7. Sitting by the promenade
8. View of Nice from Castle Hill
9. Nice at night
10. Plaza Messéna at night

I. Love. Nice.
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