September 18, 2012

Day Three: Cannes

Summary.. Never go to Cannes LOL it was utterly boring. But before I get to that part of the post, we spent one last morning in Nice.

We decided to go to the flower and farmers market. It was really cute and the flowers were pretty. We saw a lot of locals there! We had La Socca from Chez Theresa, because I read about how amazing it was online. Essentially, it was kind of like a thick crepe-like thing drizzled with olive oil. It tasted so bland and weird, and then I got bored of it. It was definitely not worth the one hour wait. I also got a fresh peach from one of the stands and washed it in the streets, haha I was too excited to eat it!!
After that, we decided to sit along the Promenade des Anglais to relax, tan, and people watch for an hour while we waited for our train to Cannes. It was so relaxing and the weather was so nice!! If only the beach was sand and not rocks, then it would have been perfect.

Annnnd of course with our luck with transportation, our train to Cannes would be cancelled. So we had to stand at the station for another hour waiting for the next one. After arriving in Cannes, we dropped off our backpacks at the hotel and went out to explore. We had macarons from Jean Luc Pené Chocolatier as a little snack. (Fine champagne and nutella, yum) You can never go wrong with macarons!
After walking around for a little, we quickly realized that there was close to nothing to do in Cannes. We walked by the film festival center and then headed to the beach to see the sunset.
We had dinner at a little restaurant where I had pasta and wine (as per usual). And as boring as this sounds, we went back to the hotel to watch TV...LOL we wanted to go out to a bar or something, but I didn't want to walk alone back to the hotel especially since it was just us two. When we got back to the hotel, we watched Vampire Diaries in French.
And that is it with our adventures in Cannes!
Told ya it was boring!!!
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