November 07, 2012

KN does Italia!

For the past week (October 31st to November 6th), I went on an Italy adventure. My adventure included:
Milan > Florence > Rome > Naples > Venice
As per usual, here are the highlights of my trip:
October 31, 2012 - November 6, 2012
With this being my 2nd time going to Italy, I think it's safe to say that Italy is now conquered :)

I'll be updating separate posts for each of the cities I visited, but I'll have to do it slowly! With a super busy week with school, my weekend in Amsterdam, followed by another busy week at school and another trip... It's going to be tough to update, but I will try!! Bear with me! I'll be caught up soon closer to the end of November :) be excited for a load of posts! Until then, know that I miss you guys and have a great week :)

- - -
Total spent on globe-trotting: $3168.42
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