November 08, 2012

1st Stop: Milan

Before I start talking about Italy, I just want to warn you all that there are SO many pictures. So I'm not going to blog like how I normally do (with a lot of detail and what not), but instead I'll just talk through the captions, with the exception of some stories :)
So, to start off this Italia adventure, we decided to go to the fashion capital first - Milan.
First meal in Milan - Gnocchi in a buttery sauce & Roast chicken with a salad and potatoes
The church we were supposed to visit but it was closed on the two days we were there... Typical.
We trespassed into a random university - Vniversita Gattolica Sacro Cvore
Castello Sforzesco
We saw this random tree and decided to climb it haha, it doesn't look that difficult but it really was 8)
A random arch that we saw in the park
Our dinner :) - and yes.. The tiramisu was the main part of our meal hehe
At the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro Stadium) for the Inter Milan soccer game!!
This was my first ever soccer game, and although I don't like soccer... I actually quite enjoyed myself!! Just the spirit and crazy screaming and cheering got me into it. Every time someone from Inter Milan scored, everyone would chant the player's name. I had NO idea what their names were so I would just yell random words that sound like what they were saying haaha it was fun though.
However, I must add that it was POURING outside and the center of the stadium was open, so it was freezing cold as well. I was literally shivering the entire 2 hours! But it was definitely worth it :)
Hands down my favorite chocolate gelato store!!
And this is when my gelato adventures in Italia started...
First three flavors: Mariegato Nutella, Caffe Bourbon, Choccolato Modicano with a chocolate drizzle on top, and a chocolate dipped waffle cookie (SO  NOMS)
Outside the Duomo Di Milano
The 'wish bracelet sellers' in action
Inside the Duomo
In the basement of the Duomo
On the rooftop of the Duomo
The outside and inside of the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II
Our dinner :)
End of the day success: we got over 40 wish bracelets LOL
Gelato #2: Nocciola and Pistachio
Sitting in first class on the train to Florence
Did we really have a free glass of champagne? Perks of being in first class :)

- - -
Next stop: Florence
Gelato flavour count: 5
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