November 10, 2012

2nd Stop: Florence

Taking the train from Milan to Florence was definitely one of the highlights so far. We were in 1st class, sat in super comfy seats, almost had the entire coach to ourselves, drank free champagne, had free snacks, and definitely arrived in style. When arriving, thank goodness it wasn't raining!! We found our hotel without a problem (prime location is key), and settled in for the night. We had a cute little movie night, and then passed out to get ready for a full day of walking (since Florence doesn't have a metro system).
Like Milan, and the rest of my Italy posts, I'll be blogging through my photo captions :)
Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore -- gorgeous exterior design. This Basilica is known for having a really nice design on the outside, while the inside is super simple and empty.
The gorgeous view of the dome from inside
The streets of Florence -- although it wasn't raining all day, whenever it did rain, it rained HARD. But that would only last for about 5 minutes tops and then it would be back to super sunny.
Our carb-filled lunch, as per usual
Matcha green tea and Stracciatella Gelato
We were walking towards the Ponte Vecchio bridge where we found this cute little ledge. We decided to just chill there for a while since we had nothing better to do anyways and just enjoy the sunshine :)
And of course we would get tiramisu to-go :P
Group pic on the Ponte Vecchio bridge
Above 3 pictures are from Palazzo Pitti
Our dinner on the patio of a restaurant right outside the Basilica
Frutti di bosco - which is like mixed berries
Sitting in 2nd class.. And we still got snackies and champagne :)
- - -
Next stop: Rome and Vatican City
Gelato flavour count: 8
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