November 13, 2012

3rd Stop: Vatican City and Rome

I haven't been so excited to arrive to a city since arriving to Santorini in Greece. I've got to say that Rome and Vatican are two of my favorite cities!
Being in Rome obviously meant to not waste time. So on day 1 (we are in Rome for 2 days), we decided to wake up as early as possible to go to the Vatican. Of course.. That did not happen. We got captivated by the amazing breakfast buffet at our hotel (might I mention, we stayed at a 4 star hotel by mistake?). But that is besides the point :)
We arrived a little before noon and it was already PACKED. So many tourists walking around, but I secretly loved it because I didn't feel judged while I had my map in my hand at all times.
Outside St. Peter's Basilica
From reading tips from other travelers on the Internet, I took everyone else's advice and headed to the line to get into St. Peter's Basilica. 
Loads and loads and loads of tourists in Vatican City on a Saturday morning/afternoon
Super trippy (and super steep and tiring) stairs, while climbing up St. Peter's Basilica
View from up top :)
The dome and I
The swiss guard/gate keeper (he models as a side job)
In St. Peter's Square
Saint Peter's Square & I
Just prancing around Vatican City
Ponte St. Angelo bridge & Vatican City
Our lunch (yup, we're still eating pizza and pasta)

And then we headed back to Rome. We decided to make up our own walking tour and basically walked across the entire city, stopping by all the little famous sight seeing areas :)
Piazza Navona
Gelato, of course
Limoncello, a special Italian lemon liquor
Fontana di Trevi
Making a wish in the Trevi Fountain

Matchy matchy
Dinner! I had the famous Penne al la Vodka - so noms!!!
Piazza di Spagna
Us at the Spanish Steps
& that concludes day 1 in Rome :)
- - -
The Colosseum
Climbing random things, as per usual
Prancing around the rain
Walking around the Ruins
Outside Il Vittoriano
The Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II
Il Vittoriano from afar
The famous Arch outside the Colosseum
Dinner included... bruschetta, pizza, salmon risotto, and gelato :)
Il Vittoriano at night
And this concludes my Rome and Vatican City adventures :) one of my most enjoyable cities!!
- - -
Next Stop: Naples
Gelato flavor count: 13
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