November 19, 2012

5th Stop: Venice

The last stop of my Italia adventure was Venice, one of my favorite cities. We arrived at around 1am, and quickly scurried to our hotel. From the airport, we took a night waterbus to the city. Being a boat-lover, I had a great time cruising along and staring out at the water.
Night view
7am view
On the waterbus :)
Rialto Bridge & I
Morning markets
Boat docks
Piazza San Marco - view from the waterbus
Campanile of St Mark's church
Outside St. Mark's Basilica
View from the top of St. Mark's Basilica
Campanile & I
The Clocktower & I
Piazza San Marco & I
Doge's Palace
Gorgeous weather, beautiful blue skies, calming water, and gondolas
On the famous gondola ride!!
After the gondola ride, we had yet another Amazing Race experience where we had to go back to our hotel, pick up our luggage, and rush out to the airport. Being on a super tight schedule and with our luck with transportation, we were at the wrong airport. Scrambling, we found a taxi and he drove us to the correct airport. We ran through the airport and security, and got there in time because of the long lines. Haha, I swear that is how all my trips have ended.. When will I ever learn? :P
But that concludes my Italia adventure :)
- - -
All in all, my week in Italy was definitely amazing. Although I don't really remember it much cause it was so jam-packed, it will always be a great memory (okay that didn't make sense... Oh well!). If anyone was to ask me if I would go back to Italy, hellllllsss freaking yeeah :) one of my best trips yet!
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