October 31, 2012

photo diary: 2nd half of October

+ Just a night out :) @ Palais Maillot
Might I let you all know that because the train to get back home closes at 12am, we partied until 6am until the trains started running again. It was pretty insane, but I have to say that Palais Maillot is, hands down, my favorite club ever.
+ Just some pictures unrelated to traveling from my every day life :)
Grand opening of So Ouest (my new favorite thing to do) with a freebie from Pret A Manger (new fave café)
Homemade pasta sauce from scratch, pasta, zucchinis
Dessert night :) ft. Homemade truffles, macarons, chocolate, cappuccinos, and good company
My new fave asian dish - stirfry rice, corn, chicken, and ground beef
Just another trip to Sacré-Cœur
Current obsession: Pinterest
What I miss most (food-wise) ATM... merps.
LOL I don't have sugar, salt, or pepper here so I always take a couple every time I go to Pret A Manger...
My first ever baguette, tuna, smoked salmon, and avocados!! So good.
The day when vpoon and I decided to buy a whole chicken for dinner..
And that is all.. My Paris life is pretty boring :(
Besides travelling, all I really do is go to school, eat, eat?, eat, and go out on occassion. My Parisian friends always make fun of me not going out enough, but hey, it's not my fault I prioritize traveling over partying :P
Until next month!! Xo
- - -
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