October 16, 2012

thanksgiving, home cooked meals, & mid-October faves

So I realized a lot of my posts revolve around where I've been travelling, but I rarely post pictures of things I do in Paris!! Mainly because 1) travelling is obviously way more exciting, 2) you probably want to read about that way more than my life in Paris (so boring right?), and 3) it actually is boring. All I really do is go to school, eat, and sleep. Let's be real. Haha, I barely go out in Paris because whenever we go away for the weekend, I use the days of the week to recover in order to travel again!! It's actually really exhausting. Every time I come home from a weekend trip, I am the happiest little girl walking into my room. :)
Okay, enough babbling. Here are some pictures from October so far!!

+ Our Thanksgiving famjam :) we are so Canadian!
Salad, Baguettes, Wine, Vegetable soup, Roasted Chicken, Homemade Stuffing, Buttered Veggies, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, and Team Canada (minus B)
Thanksgiving is just not the same with Apple Pie and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream!

A closer view of our food for the night, NOMS
Our name plates! SO cute!

+ My homecooked meals :$ I'm too cheap to go out every single day to eat!! It's SO expensive. I'd rather save the money to spend when I'm out traveling.. So I guess I'm finally learning to make food for myself... I know these aren't pictures of beautiful food, nor does it look appetizing. But give me a break LOL you all know how much I hate cooking slash can't cook. SO... Just let me be proud of myself :)
Self-toasted bread with Brie cheese, medley salad with sliced peaches, and a cup of coffee (a necessity)
The first time I sliced raw chicken... Cooked it, and ate it. It was a milestone for me, okay?
2 pieces of steak (I was hungry..), mushrooms, a medley salad, and coffee
Vegetable soup, ASIAN WHITE RICE (!!!!! First time in almost 2 months), chicken, mushrooms, onions, medley salad, and corn
Chicken wings and corn
+ Interview time :( something I really like about Skype interviews is that I can dress up and look normal, while still wearing sweatpants and crossing my legs. Haha, I love it. I'd take pictures of my outfits but I don't have a full length mirror.. Nor do I look good because I'm wearing sweats hehe. I just wanted to point out my 'slightly' curled hair, that I think I finally mastered? Maybe? And also, my necklace. I bought it when I went to Pennys in Ireland, and I am in love!! I wear it for basically every interview. Call me obsessed! 
+ Favorite song ATM - with T.Swift's new album RED getting leaked, I obviously had to download it (although I will buy her album when it officially comes out). Out of her album, my favorite song is 22. It's just an upbeat song that I feel describes my mood right now! Although I'm not 22.. But it is a very carefree and 'not sad' song. Yes.. I just said I like a song that isn't depressing haha. Have a listen!
+ Favorite pieces in my wardrobe ATM (keep in mind, it's super limited... Considering I only have about 0.5% of my clothes in France, sadface)
Talula cashmere wool sweater

Studded ankle boots (so not me, right?!? But I love 'em!)

Red wine sheer blouse
My Louis Pion watch
Scarves are my favorite accessory right now! On a side note, I need to stop buying them..
+ and... The random pictures on my phone haha
Gotta love literal translations... "Cock with wine sauce" hahaha
Notre Dame at night!! So pretty!
This is an old picture, but it is one of my favorite pictures of the Eiffel Tower so far.
Nommies!! Look at colorful and yummy it looks! Can't wait to buy another box once my interviews are over!!
- - -
I'll be heading to GREECE this weekend (merps!!!!!)
So check back later for updates on one of my most anticipated trips yet ;)
Until next time, XO
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