February 03, 2013

snow on mountains & mountains on snow

Arriving in Switzerland felt unreal. We arrived in Zurich with snow on the ground and mountains. It was beautiful!! We quickly headed to the train station, on route to Interlaken.
Outside Zurich's train station
Arriving in Interlaken was amazingggg. All I could see was snowy mountain tops and blue skies.
This picture was taken in a snowy blank field with untouched snow (that I quickly ruined by running through it haha). But how gorgeous are those mountains?!
Creepy Swiss Franc bills...
Our super homey hostel room :)
our first Switzerland meal : kebab box (obvi)
Studying... In Switzerland... With chocolate and tiramisu :)
Streets of Interlaken at night
Trying to chill our alcohol LOL
Signing our lives away to Skydiving!!!! But never ended up going... Due to the dumb weather conditions :(
so serene
Hooter's 50th anniversary :)
Our new friends (lol)
On our 2nd last day, we decided to toughen up and go skiing. We rented all our equipment the night before and headed out early in the morning. It had juuust snowed that morning (slash was still snowing a bit) so it was all fresh powdered snow! :)
all happy and 100% okay, before our first tumble down a cliff LOL
after the wipe out.  trying to find my ski poles..
...and posed and smiled.
So pretttyyyyy.
skiing down
lunch break!
After lunch, we decided to take a scenic path and ski down the entire mountain. Ambitious? YOLO. :) 
It took us about 3 hours, but it was so worth it
Arrived safely at the bottom of the mountain :)
We decided to splurge on dinner (food is SO expensive in Switzerland..) and get normal meals because we had quite a rough last day haha
After going back to Balmers and resting for a bit, we ended up hanging out with a bunch of the people that lived there and went out to the Irish bar near our hostel. Probably one of the most useless things I did there LOL not only did we not drink but we left in about 30 minutes and also had the most disgustingest homemade cupcake I've ever had in my entire life. Gross.

But that ends my snowy trip to Switzerland :)
Although I left out the stories about my falls... It's okay because I'm okay :P

I can officially say that I have skied down the Swiss Alps. CHECK, that off my bucketlist! Woopwoop :)
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