August 30, 2012

Aurevoir, Canada! Et bonjour Paris :)

This is going to be my first official blog post, as the long awaited day to arrive in Paris had finally come. I been in Paris since 9:52am of August 30th! Yayyayayyy!

After arriving at the airport, I immediately started reading all the French signs in my head and tried to absorb the French language around me. It was quite hard... But it made me all the more excited to start my French classes :)

Our first meal in Paris was at this cute bakery across the street of our hotel called Central Bakery. I was quite nervous ordering, because I had absolutely no idea how to order my food! But thank goodness, the girl that served me knew English and was so nice and patient as I struggled.
Around the corner was a little grocery store, where we got our first bags of groceries and bottled water (water in Europe that you buy off vendors is SO expensive). Ps, hello shelves and shelves of wine…!

We dropped off all our luggage at the hotel, and got our first Metro/RER pass so we could explore around Paris. We pretended we were going to school and might I say that it was a short train ride and a long, long, longgg walk LOL sadtimes. I'm definitely not going to be a happy camper taking this route to school at 7am :(
Due to not being able to sleep on the plane plus jetlag, we all ended up heading back to the hotel after 2 hours of exploring. Having a chill night in, my mother cooked us a delicious meal and now we are settling in for a good night's rest to get ready for tomorrow. :)

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